Let's Play Real.

The client is afraid of being talked into a mistake. Spending a lot of money without results. Being ridiculed at worst. The consultant is afraid not able to close the deal. The pitch talks about them - not helping you to decide. There is another way. Play real - before, during, and after projects.

Signing a Contract

Brief. Decide


You have an idea on what needs to be improved. You need to secure budget, organise some kind of decision process, and brief consultants.

These seven key questions will help you define a clear brief, and help consultants to develop solutions that exactly meet your needs.


1. What is the project expected value to be achieved, how will this be measured? What's in it for you personally?

2. What stakeholders are involved in making this happen?

3. What are project derailers, landmines - therefore project success factors?

4. For what exactly is external support required, what is the value?

5. What resources are available (budget, time, people, data, customer/supplier access)?

6. What are the steps to decide which consultant to hire?

7. For each decision step, who decides, what criteria


Avoid the usual 'dog and pony show' of consultant pitches, while at the end you and your team still struggle to make a decision. Start every pitch with the end in mind, which is to take a decision: What does your team need to know, focus the conversation on that. 

Available upon request: 
RfP template, decision maker polling app. 



A consultant project always comes 'on top of'. Don't expect people have time to read all the reports. And do expect 'death by powerpoint'.  Also, there will be those who will undermine what you try to achieve, explicitly or implicitly, sometimes because of hidden culture differences that went unnoticed . This project is too important. Do it differently:

  • Run meetings Amazon style. A memo, laying out the context and underpinning of what needs to be discussed. Start by reading, in meeting, followed by discussion

  • Challenge and build with your consultant. It takes two to tango. Pushing the envelope together will yield results

  • Be highly aware of actions from within your organisation that will undermine the effort. Deal with those.

  • Create real momentum, impact, during the work. Nothing more killing than 'thank you that was a great presentation' at the end of the project, another report in the drawer


You don't want plain vanilla. Only true expertise will give you competitive edge. And change in perception, inspiration, only comes from stories. Hence we partner with experts, and create inspiration events.

"I hate the way people use slide presentations instead of thinking. People confront problems by creating presentations. I want them to engage, to hash things out at the table, rather than show a bunch of slides. People who know what they're talking about don't need PowerPoint"
Steve Jobs

Transformation happens when people see change. So let's walk the talk, use new apps, technologies, during the work, for example:




Measure and regularly communicate progress against the objective defined during the brief. Evaluate together with the consultant, the quality of the service provided. 



Net Promotor Score: If a business acquaintance asked you about your experience with us, would you give us an unqualified endorsement?

​For each of the following statements, please indicate whether you: strongly disagree (1); somewhat disagree (2); neither agree nor disagree (3); somewhat agree (4); strongly agree (5)


​Problem solving

  1. You listen well to what we have to say

  2. You have a good understanding of our business

  3. You make it your business to understand our company

  4. You are up to date on what’s going on in our world

  5. You are helpful in redefining our view of our situation

  6. ​You are helpful in diagnosing the causes of our problem areas

  7. You show creativity in your proposed solutions​

  8. You are thorough in your approach to your work

  9. Your communications are free of jargon

  10. You give good explanations of what you’ve done and why


Fun working together 

  1. You relate well to our people

  2. You make us feel as if we’re important to you

  3. Your people are accessible

  4. You deal with problems in our relationship openly and quickly

  5. You show an interest in us beyond the specifics of your task

  6. You keep your promises on deadlines

  7. You don’t wait for me to initiate everything: you anticipate

  8. You offer fast turnaround when requested

  9. You keep me sufficiently informed on progress

  10. You let us know in advance what you’re going to do

  11. You involve us at major points in the engagement

  12. You notify us promptly of changes in scope, and seek our approval

  13. You document your work activities well

Impact with efficiency​​

  1. You staff my work well: there is enough senior time

  2. You staff my work well: you don’t have high-priced people doing junior tasks

  3. You keep us informed on technical issues affecting our business

Available upon request:

Consultant evaluation survey


Source: https://davidmaister.com/resources/questionnaire-for-client-feedback/

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