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We are in a Covid-19 crisis. New opportunities may open up. Other may no longer be valid. Challenges grow out of proportion. While your team spends time working far apart, exposed to new insights, more reflection. Time to refresh the dot on the horizon and strategy to get there, and to strengthen trust and healthy conflict, the foundations for operating an effective team. We offer a 1-day workshop, in person or virtual, to re-align, for a joint plan and team.
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Workshop - Strategy 2025

School Friends

Executive dialogues that align management on a progressive path.
Own the future, together

Objectives (example)

  • Determine how we will remain the Consumer's #1 choice in 2025

  • Align my Management on a future vision and the way to get there, finding new growth opportunities, ways to improve my proposition, and execution


  • Apply a future-back strategy process instead of extrapolating the past: Consider he future environment in terms of customer jobs to be done and new ways to fulfil, then determine subsequent potential growth options

  • Establish base for an effective dialogue: trust and healthy conflict, a joint mission/purpose, a common language and view on business goals & boundaries

  • Combine brainstorming with concepts, examples, to leave behind a lasting capability to better think, debate and plan for the future 


  • Check-in with management using polling ( Conditions for a healthy debate, joint mission/purpose. Establish a common language (jobs to be done, worthy rival, etc.) and goals & boundaries 

  • If needed, clarify and sharpen the company's mission

  • Explore future environment: social trends and impact on jobs to be done for different customers under different circumstances, other experiences influencing expectations, new technologies/start-ups

  • Determine future growth options: From fulfilling unmet jobs to be done, improving the proposition in light of disruptive shifts and better using data / AI, to improving execution to increase purchase frequency from better physical and mental presence 

  • Blueprinting: Determine Aspiration 2025 along key business dimensions ( and define key strategies (optimize, transform, disrupt) 

  • Check-out with management: Is the dot on the horizon and strategy clear again, and is there a increased sense that the team has mutual trust and openness to conflict to successfully prioritise and execute the plan?

Homework: Prior to the workshop, Management gets 1 hour homework to consider the mission in their own words, think about business goals & boundaries, watch selected videos (e.g. 'Start with Why" by Simon Sinek) and think about future trends and arising opportunities.

Workshop / Training - Disruptive Innovation



  • Create a common language to categorise innovation - because different types will have different implications for the future of your organization, and must be managed differently for success

  • Understand disruption better. A much-used term causes confusion on a real threat, and opportunity. We must therefore better understand how to spot, and create, real disruption

  • Knowing what it is, Increase the ability of the organization to initiate, and execute real disruptive ideas



  • Review currently used innovation typology, is it clear, widely understood and applied, and how?

  • Explain disruption as originally defined by Clayton Christensen, the author of 'The Innovator's Dilemma: why new technologies cause good companies to fail' 

  • Practice with case examples of other industries and apply the lens to our own industry, what is the score on the 'disruption index', which companies are potential disruptors, and which just noise?

  • Understand the reasons why only incremental ideas, not disruptive ideas bubble up in an organisation. Define potential changes in the management model, innovation process, culture and skillsets to change this (more background in the blog article 'Criminals have means motive and opportunity')

  • Learn how to evaluate new initiatives and where in the organization they should be placed, and how they should be managed for succes

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