"Build progressive companies. Essence. 


- Bas Kemme

Who We Are

We are a consultancy obsessed with making your company progressive and grow. 

Having worked with winning, and losing companies for over 20 years. we vowed to help leaders turn stagnant into progressive companies - with inspired, safe and fulfilled employees, hungry to serve customers better with new technologies.


We live in fascinating, turbulent times. Cognitive- and data science, computing power, energy and food transition, health challenges & breakthroughs - all call for new ways to leave the 20th century behind, for good. Courage is needed, when you loop, commit.


Real opportunity to write new history, but how? We learned a few things (and still are): Human progress comes from tribe power, fast diffusion of learnings, not individual strength. Your strategy is ultimately how you decide every day to spend your time, energy and resources. And business is much more about emotions and biases than we pretend. 

Hence it is always about strategy, knowing how to create more value for your customer, operation, having the resources and processes in place to deliver that value, and culture, energising people. 


With these learnings we turned around C&A's struggling business in emerging markets, and transformed IKEA in a way that growth reduces operating costs, and accelerated growth at scale-ups.

We believe consulting will also face significant change. It still about connecting first, thinking of all aspects, and low-ego. It is no longer about having general services in-house, yet finding and combining essential expertise. Artificial Intelligence and distributed work will replace the need for expensive, manual solutions. Double the performance, half the cost.

Whether you are in need of a future roadmap, struggle with growth or achieve performance boost with AI - we are ready to take your brief.


  1. Start with the job to be done

  2. Always provide a challenging insight

  3. Build trust with vulnerability and transparency

  4. Think of a different way every day

  5. Play real or let's not play 

  6. Seek essence and simplicity

  7. You mind needs flow, your body exercise

Expertise we provide


Executive dialogues that align management on a progressive path.
Stop extrapolating the past

People & Org Performance

Purpose, leadership, team and 
process effectiveness to thrive.

Because culture eats strategy

Digital Transformation

Design and management of experience-led transformation that sticks.

Amplify Kotter's rules or get stuck

Growth acceleration

Sharpening of pitch and digital marketing techniques for more sales.

No more fuzzy proposition and comm's

Innovation & Start-ups

Strategy, process design and training for recurring & reliable renewal.

An existential discipline. Treat is as such

Consumer & Retail AI

Machine Learning solutions that boost commerce & supply performance

A myth for many. But no more


Bas Kemme



Bas designed and executed global programs to optimize, transform and build new digital business models with a focus on the Consumer & Retail industry. He worked for 14 years for Booz Allen & Hamilton in Amsterdam, and 6 years in Zurich, as Head of global Strategy for an apparel company, after which he co-founded 2 companies, Mayn.co and StoreDNA.co. He returned to consulting to bring the start-up way to corporates, applying the learnings acquired at the boutique firm founded by Clayton Christensen. Besides his strategy work, he actively drives the development of MDML.nl, bringing Machine Learning solutions to Consumer & Retail companies, and of Dutch Disruptive Ventures, a first round investment fund founded to restore economic growth with better start-ups. His spare time goes to windsurfing, kiteboarding and skiing, sharing the love for sports with his wife and children Max and Liv. 


Fresh perspectives. At your fingertips. 


We can help clarify and start delivery on your priorities within 24 hours.

Speak to bas@loopconsultingcompany.com to get started.

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